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Energy is a hot topic these days. I can't pick up a newspaper or even a religious periodical without encountering something related. Users should feel free to track here whatever excites them, but for now the goal of EnergyConsumption's links are to connect the high level developments to things people can do themselves, both in implementing and developing ideas. Does recent lab research provide a new idea for tinkering in the garage? Can a large-scale system work in your back yard? Is there a specific trend you or your community can latch onto to make money?


Related/Similar Sites


potential link sources


should maybe be on EC proper?


already linked to energyconsumption.org


other pages collecting links


not sure where it should go


One goal here is to hash through links we might want to add to energyconsumption.org proper (or to use elsewhere in the users' wiki). Soren has tagged over 50 articles and pages in yahoo that we could start hashing through. Going through the links may even further clarify our purpose. One thing is important: be efficient! No replicating link aggregation, project data, or trend analysis. E.g. Alliance to Save Energy has tons of great ideas and The Rocky Mountain Institute is all over energy strategy ... EC should direct people there, encouraging validation and exposition upon existing ideas.


I just came across this page and it has a ton of information. I particularly liked the "cooling" page. http://michaelbluejay.com/electricity/


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