Welcome to the EnergyConsumption users wiki! discusses watt meters and other energy-saving products. This wiki contains everything Soren hasn't yet been able to add to EnergyConsumption proper (that is to say, almost all of it). It is also, as the "users' wiki," a place for EnergyConsumption users to ask and answer questions, contribute ideas, and storm up fun and creative ways of getting at least as much out of life while using less energy.


This wiki is also the place to contribute your consumption data until EC proper has a database. If you have any related projects, shopping, or questions / observations, we'd love to have you contribute to the wiki. Your ideas will mix with others', making energy pondering a lot more fun.


That said, no one has used this wiki for a while and pbworks would like to clean it up. Which begs the question, is it useful to have? Soren isn't doing a lot of research lately and mostly uses Twitter to share links of interest. A dedicated electronic calendar has proven to be a good way to track general observations like "left the lights on" (to correlate later with hourly readings from the electric company). He still makes energy observations but is hasn't found a great way to enter them. Something like Google Forms might be useful here? Short answer, this wiki seems like something I might like to use again, mostly to organize projects. Publishing complete ideas or results might work better with a traditional blog using WordPress.



EC Content (to migrate?)

Big Picture: energy consumption information

Products: lowest-power product recommendations

Energy Efficient Buildings

Database of watt meter data for various devices

Directions (what sort?)

Links (to existing resources / articles putting the data in context)

Watt Meter Reviews




Questions (pose imponderables or tap the group's expertise)


Projects (for your home or community)


Institutions loaning meters:


Users willing to share their watt meters and expertise

Borrow a Meter 


Activities (if we wanted to reach out)