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What is EnergyConsumption's purpose?


I'm not sure yet, but I have some ideas ... feel free to share yours.


  • "helping the curious answers their questions"
  • "without inducing guilt, raising awareness about energy consumption"
  • "promoting the fun of finding lower-energy choices"
  • "connecting the curious (Q&A + inspiring examples)"


"EnergyConsumption.org is currently a web site for people interested in watt meters and saving power. I have many ideas for the site, but the "users' wiki" is meant to be a place for EC.org users to ask and answer questions, contribute ideas, and storm up fun and creative ways of getting at least as much out of life while using less energy." -FrontPage


"EnergyConsumption aims to help you both figure out what you want to know and make any changes you are interested in making."

- Directions


"[...]the goal of EnergyConsumption proper's links are to connect the high level data points to things people can do themselves, both in implementing and developing ideas. Does recent lab research provide a new idea for tinkering in the garage? Can a large-scale system work in your back yard? Is there a specific trend you or your community can latch onto to make money?"

- Links


When EnergyConsumption was conceived, CO2 emissions were not yet regularly on the front page of news outlets. There were already web sites (conceptually dating to the 70's) explaining how to save energy, gasoline, water, etc. There are still a thousand and one web sites telling you how to save energy so as to save money and/or the planet, and we now have a hundred and one carbon calculators taking a look at the whole picture of how energy use *is* environmental impact. We don't need to duplicate that effort.


Inspiring Sites, People, Concepts, etc


ToDo list for "the organization"

  • make a new Home Page and point energyconsumption.org at it (giving pbworks money) 
  • create logo
    • get "business" cards featuring said logo and the site
  • get more users
    • contemplate "staff" designation?
  • ECS business plan


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