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Page history last edited by Matt Lee 14 years, 6 months ago

EnergyConsumption Data

(eventually to be added to energyconsumption.org)


The data I have up at http://energyconsumption.org/data.txt is a text file. That makes it hard for other people to add data and see it online in a timely way, though I do try to update it promptly when I get new data.


Data collection Directions

EC's Contribute [your data] page also suggests several ways of measuring a computer's energy use, though it neglects graphics cards which have become much more important in recent years.


We don't have a "meter used" column, but any low wattage measurements taken with an original Watts Up? should be considered suspect. I have a "great" fan with a really misleading power factor which I will use to test my original Watts Up? The KaW and Watts Up? "2.0" are considered accurate for the purposes of this page. Wattages under 2W are probably within the error range. We should re-check the error accuracy data from the KaW instruction sheet.



Vendor Model "off"/standby idle in-use sleep max notes user date
Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch glossy?) 0W (charged) 23W (Finder) 46W downloading 6W asleep (no USB devices) 50W compiling need to try a game, what's with 6W asleep? Brian B November 2006
Canon iP4300 1W 'off' 1W idle 8-10W printing   10W printing <2W is hard to know for sure Jonah May 2007
Toyota Prius 33KW         said the license plate; 44 hp is 33 kW; inspired Driving Soren Nov 2007
Sharp Carousel R-308JS microwave 0.74W 0.74W not tested n/a ~1600W   Matt L Apr 2008
Lithonia Lighting XtremeLite (XWL 2 32 120 RE) n/a n/a 56W n/a 56W Dual-tube 4' Fluorescent Fixture, Power Factor = 0.56. Uses Keystone KTEB-2C72-1-TP/B Electronic Ballast Dean R July 2009
Lithonia Lighting Commercial Wet Location Fixture (DMW 2 32 MVOLT GEB10IS) n/a n/a 45W n/a 45W Dual-tube 4' Fluorescent Fixture, Power Factor = 0.99. Uses Triad B232IUNVHP-B Electronic Ballast Dean R July 2009
Warmrails Heated Towel Rack <1W <1W ~40W (low), ~50W (med), ~72W (high) n/a 72W has an electronic switch with four settings (off, low, med, high). the lower settings cycle the power between off and full power, averaging lower amounts. Matt L Jan 2010


(need a schema that can encompass refridgerator / major appliance data)

(if people actually start contributing, we should have a separate "new data" or "contribute data" page)


Possible Data Sources


Interpreting the data


Making the case for X, Y, or Z

Big Picture


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