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Borrow a Meter

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 9 months ago

Borrow a Watt Meter


EnergyConsumption users want everyone to know how much power their devices are consuming and are thus willing to loan out some of their watt meters. Of course many people never want to give back the watt meters they borrow, so be prepared to remind people that a Kill-a-Watt can be easily got for ~$25. Or invest in a local tool library. I'm not sure what this feature will be called on EnergyConsumption proper, but

Users willing to share a meter

User's NameCity# meters/type availablemeters "checked out"meters available
SorenSan Jose, CA2 KaWs02
JonahMountain View, CA2 KaWs02


Meters currently "checked out"

Borrower Ownermeter typeBorrowed OnExpected back by
Matt Lee Soren Spies KaW (office) 21 April 2008 28 April 2008?


People waiting for a meter

Users willing to lend a copy of The Home Energy Diet

  • Soren (2 copies :)

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